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  • Ahad Ahmad

    Posted April 19, 2023 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Hi I’m Ahad. I have done modeling, editing and writing in the past. I would love to explore the different avenues in acting 🙂

  • Faizan Sheikh

    Posted August 30, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    I am a professional and trained actor based in Los Angeles. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, moved to New York City in my teens and moved to Los Angeles…

  • Fahad Ahmad

    Posted August 30, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Fahad Ahmad is an American-Pakistani actor, singer & musician based in New York. ​ Growing up in Pakistan, as a young boy with his imagination running wild, he would dress…

  • Selena Mirza

    Posted May 5, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    I’m half Greek, half Pakistani. Born and raised in Chicago and started out as a child model at the age of 4 and transitioned to acting in 2015. I speak…

  • Rumeha Khan

    Posted March 9, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Salaam!! I’m looking forward to representing my fellow South Asians in the entertainment industry!

  • Rizwan Ali Khan

    Posted February 9, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Born & raised in England  Acting/Extra Experience   “Dream Team” (TV-Show) 2001 Season 5 background I played an extra for a show about a Football Club. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0566228/?ref_=ttep_ep16   “Risk” (TV-Show)…

  • Tooba Imran

    Posted February 9, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Tooba Imran – born in Pakistan and raised in the US – is an actress based in Los Angeles. Tooba’s love for acting was born on the stage of her…

  • Kamran R. Khan

    Posted January 18, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Kamran R. Khan is a screen and voice actor that has appeared on television shows alongside stars LL Cool J, Jack Black, Patricia Arquette, and Jack McBrayer. He has performed…

  • Farooq Qureshi

    Posted January 8, 2022 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    SAG Actor, resume and headshot and clips available at resumes.actorsaccess.com/farooq

  • Erum Jaffrey

    Posted December 19, 2021 0 Bids Pakistan $0.00

    Erum Jaffrey is a Pakistani-American journalist, producer and writer based in Los Angeles. She has worked in journalism, documentary, and film in the field, on set, or in an edit…