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  • Anjali Naicker

    Posted August 23, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    Fijian Indian

  • Geetika Budhiraja

    Posted August 3, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    Actress and writer, I went to UCLA for screenwriting and worked a little in Bollywood too. I trained in two years Theatre conservatory at the Lee Strasberg theatre and film…

  • Faheem Rashid

    Posted June 13, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    I’m an actor located in the US currently represented by three agents. Feel free to go to my website www.faheemrashid.com to learn more about me.

  • Emily Ram

    Posted May 31, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    I am a former college athlete, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but living in LA permanently now. My father moved to America from India when he was 9 years old and…

  • Amrapali Ambegaokar

    Posted May 26, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    AMRAPALI AMBEGAOKAR  Born in Chicago raised in Los Angeles…The former Principal Dancer of Cirque du Soleil in over 750 shows, Amrapali Ambegaokar is an American actress with Guest Star roles opposite Oscar…

  • Rani Tanisha Choudhury

    Posted May 4, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    Rani is a biracial actor, artist, and curve model based in NYC. She graduated from NYU Tisch this past Spring with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Business. 

  • Shonita Joshi

    Posted April 30, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

          I love art that has meaning and stories that affect people. I find ‘indifference’ to be the death of things. I see myself as an artist who…

  • Faizan Kareem

    Posted April 21, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    I’m a multi-disciplinary film artist who greatly enjoys bringing characters alive on screen as much as I enjoy creating them for the screen. I’ve spent half my life in India…

  • Anuka Sethi

    Posted April 21, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    Anuka Sethi is an India born, Dubai raised and New York City-based actor, writer, illustrator and podcaster. She is a multi-hyphenate artist who recently graduated from NYU Tisch School of…

  • Tamil Periasamy

    Posted April 6, 2022 0 Bids India $0.00

    AEA | SAG-AFTRA NYC – ATL – LA over 60 theatrical productions spanning a 10 year career 2021: 1 network guest star, 4 network co-stars, 2 featured in major films,…

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