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  • Mustafa Haidari

    Posted April 19, 2022 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Mustafa Haidari is an Afghan-American actor and speaks several South Asian & Middle Eastern dialects. The multilingual actor was born and raised in Kabul Afghanistan. Mustafa Haidari is persistent in…

  • Sattar Basir

    Posted November 27, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Sattar is a male actor located in Toronto who is actively looking for TV/Film roles. His parents fled Afghanistan during the 90’s to escape war and ended up moving to…

  • Azita Ghanizada

    Posted November 23, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Azita Ghanizada is an Afghan-American Actress based in Los Angeles, California. She has appeared in numerous television shows, including a lead role in Syfy’s “Alphas”. She has recently recurred on…

  • Ursula Taherian

    Posted November 22, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Her Mom is a Christian-practicing white girl, her Dad is a Muslim-practicing Afghan, she is a yoga-practicing Halfghan (with a mezuza outside her door just to cover all her bases).…

  • Sheena Formoli

    Posted November 20, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Sheena is a first generation Afghan-American and is a Los Angles based Actress. She was born and raised Sacramento, CA where she discovered her passion for the arts. At age…

  • Tarique Qayumi

    Posted November 16, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Tarique Qayumi fled Afghanistan as a refugee in the back of a truck with his mother as a child. He received an MFA in Film from UCLA and trained with…

  • Omar Kakar

    Posted November 16, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    First generation Afghan American, architect-turn-filmmaker, and Directing candidate from Columbia University MFA Film.

  • Wida Karim

    Posted November 15, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wida and her family fled to Pakistan when the Soviet Army invaded in the mid 1970’s.  They immigrated to America in 1981.  Although she was only…

  • Awesta Zarif

    Posted November 15, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    B.F.A.- Boston University, School of Theatre Awesta is an international actress based in NYC. She has experience in film, TV, web series, VO, commercial, modeling, hosting, theatre and devised original…

  • Zee Dastagir

    Posted November 15, 2021 0 Bids Afghanistan $0.00

    An actor that can perform martial arts and a avid boxer. Either can catch him pumping iron or hitting bags and pads in at a local gym. Recent movie completed…